Before The Dead Fall

by Eddie Kim

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released March 7, 2011

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, and Drum Programming by Eddie Kim
Guest Vocals by Sean Dusoe
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Eddie Kim
Mastered by Eddie Kim
All Lyrics by Eddie Kim
Album Artwork by Eddie Kim



all rights reserved


Eddie Kim Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Break Your Face
Traitor, liar…
Stab you through the eyes
Anger, hatred…
I'll drag you down to hell
Livid, voilent…
I'll pull your throat right out
Putrid, rotting…
I'll crush your bones tonight

It's time to meet your make

If I could break your face in
If I could break your face

Time to die…
Track Name: Death Of Resistance
The whisper of command
A scream for eternity
The bloodstains on my hands
The chains of humanity
The march towards barren land
No sight of serenity
A fight against the stand
Five words of hypocrisy

We knew this monster we'd create would find its home within us
But this is not a mistake, the beast is us…

Death of the system
Death of resistance

My chaos and my struggle teaches me an end
The constant creed of battle, wars where no one wins
The torture and the torment, pain has come to pass
Endless games inside the mind, this life is the last

Eve, I can hear you…
Track Name: Final Day
The engines of destruction
Self made mutilation
Epilogue, damnation
The slaughterer of souls
The murder made in masses
These crime of hate in joy
Once locked away forever
Their time is drawing close

Rising from their graves
It's time for them to wake

This is our final day
They left no remains…

They gather in great numbers
To walk the march of death
These spirits are alive
They chant "it's time to die"
The soldiers of tomorrow
They storm from everywhere
Destiny misgiven
The ending times are here

Run, now run
They're here to get your…now run…

Rising from their graves
It's time for them to wake
Breaking through the skies
They're here to take your life
Track Name: To Your Slaughter
Rise, rise before my eyes
Today my word is law
This law that they'll obey
For I have spoken
Kneel, now kneel before my feet
Beg for mercy
You are guilty of these crimes
This is my judgement

I am the death, annihilator
Crowned to judge the damned
I have become the executioner
To bring you to your slaughter

No man would ever dare
To rise and challenge me
I'll break them in my grasp
Hang them up for all to see
No one questions, no one speaks
Out against my infamy
Be it first or the last
They shall perish in my wrath

I have conquered, I am master
I'm the one to slay and rule this land with an iron hand
This was my destiny
To capture, beat, and bury the meek
Now march along to your death
I command, for…
Track Name: Beyond The Eye
This is my faith in sorrow
'Till dreams may die
This is my faith in sorrow
To live a broken lie

Is this how we all die
How can we know
Is this where we all fight
We fight our last fight

A break in the silence
Beyond the eye
A breath between the moment
The mind behind the eye

I can't see beyond the sorrow
I can't feel it anymore
I can't see behind the sorrow
But I'll stand with nothing in my hands

Nothing…beyond the eye…
Track Name: The Voice Of Madeline
There in the dark
Where I fell, I was broken
I lost all will
This is torture, this torment inside

With my hands on the trigger
I saw them, I heard her
She said that she could save me
If I listened and let go

Listen to her calling
Hearing this angel of the light
Her whispers scream through my mind
I hear her, the voice of Madeline

The roaring of the angels
They sing their songs in ecstasy
Her triumph, my madness
I enjoy my bliss silently

There in there dark
Where I fell, I awoken
Her voice still echos
In my heart when I'm lost
Track Name: My Asylum
Trapped inside a hollow world
Free me, I want out
Walls so thick inside this shell
Prisoned in my own hell
Standing by ever slowly
Waiting for release
Pass my time self destructing
You're my enemy…my enemy

Set to ponder, set to bleed
When will I be free
Staring at the same four walls
My eternity
Left to wonder, left to see
Why am I alive
Promises that have been broken
Now I can see through your…

Lies, I swallowed lies
Life drains out from me and dies
Lies, we swallowed lies
And who are we to die

Blind deception, mind infection
Stab it through me
No attention, my asylum
I can see through your…
Track Name: Failed Queen
This time around I thought I had it all
I was sated, my mind was clear
But failure haunts me to the bitter end
In my defeat there's no escape

This is the only to stop this madness
Misdeeds that never go away

My son, take my hand and walk with me
I know how to save you
No more will you weep your silent tears
I know how to save you

No forgiveness for what I have become
For what I've done to save him
Despair led to this outcome
I had to save my son and send myself to hell
Track Name: This Insurrection
This is the last fight for eternity
This crusade against the insanity
We bare these arms, the tools of destruction
So on we march to war for insurrection

We fight for our freedom
This chance to prove that we are right
Your treason, your betrayal
You will pay for every single sin